Linn Products Lingo 4 power supply for the LP12

Linn Lingo 4

Turning 45 could be cause for concern. It would be easy for Linn to let the LP12 casually drift into its dotage, relying on past glories. But that’s precisely what’s not going on here. The Lingo 4 does for the LP12 in 2018 exactly what the LP12 did for turntables 45 years ago – it provides a more accurate platform from which to extract the music. And yes, making the turntable go round at 33 1/3 rpm more accurately also makes the sound of the turntable better. Who would have guessed!

Recommendation is two-fold, but just as mandatory either way. If you have an existing Linn LP12 with anything apart from a Radikal, all roads lead to Lingo 4 and you need to book in a listening test. Granted, if you have an hour-long listening test, you’ll spend ten minutes listening and the remaining 50 minutes begging the demonstrator to take your money, but it’s worth doing the listening test just for that ‘oh wow!’ moment. The next is the ‘from scratch’ new LP12 owner. This is a done deal because if they are buying a Akurate-level turntable, it’s going to use a Lingo 4 now. They just get a better overall package. In other words, that two-fold recommendation is as solid as they get. The Lingo 4 is the best LP12 power supply that still features an AC motor. Upgrading or buying anew, it’s a real gem!


Power supply for LP12, with on-board circuitry and external power supply

Supplied with new 12v AC motor for LP12

Speed management system checks speed on every rotation

Dual speed: 33/45 rpm

Price: £1,450 (excluding LP12, etc.)

Manufactured by: Linn Products Ltd


Tel: 0800 001 5111 (UK only)

Tel: +44(0)141 307 7777

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