Linn Products Urika II phono stage

Linn Ulrika II

If you look up the phrase ‘Urika 2’ in Google, you not only get information on the Linn phono stage, but about a Beretta semi-automatic shotgun, which is very popular among clay pigeon, skeet, and trap shooters. The urge to say something like ‘Linn’s Urika II outguns its rivals’ is too hard to resist. For good reason – the Urika II is a hard act to follow.


Moving coil (MC) internal phono stage for LP12

Connections: XLR input for power supply, 2x RJ45 Exakt link connectors, TOSlink optical digital output

Supported cartridges: Linn: Akiva, Kandid, Klyde, Krystal. Non-Linn: Benz Micro Ace S, Denon DL103, Dynavector DV20x, Dynavector XV1S, Dynavector XX2 Mk2, EMT JSD 5, EMT TSD 15 SFL, Lyra Argo, Lyra Delos, Sumiko Celebration Pearlwood II, Van den Hul ‘The Frog’

Note: Requires Exakt-enabled Linn DS or Linn DSM player and Linn Radikal turntable power supply

Price: £2,750

Manufactured by: Linn Products Ltd


Tel: +44 141 307 7777 

Tel (UK Freephone Only): 0800 001 5111 

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