Living Voice Auditorium R25A floorstanding loudspeaker

Living Voice Auditorium R25A

The Auditorium might have started out as a niche product intended to offer an affordable partner for low-powered tube amps, but as it and the market have both evolved, it has moved firmly centre stage. A growing appreciation of the importance of dynamic range and the musical implications of phase and time coherence have allowed it to blossom from a speaker that established the high-sensitivity benchmark into a genuine gateway product – the speaker that marks the starting point for serious, credible, convincing, forget-the-system-and-enjoy-the-music audio performance. This is a product that offers (and frequently delivers on) the promise of high-end reproduction at approachable price levels, not only because it doesn’t cost the earth, but because it doesn’t cost the earth to make it perform. Yes, it needs a decent source, be that analogue or digital, but it’s modest drive requirements make that more possible too. 

Coherent and articulate, dynamic and oozing musical intent, it’s clearly not a question of whether this latest Auditorium is recommendable at the price, but whether it’s sensible or even safe to ignore it. Living Voice’s compact floorstander established the form factor and set the bar 25-years ago. Two-and-a-half decades on and it’s just hoist that bar again – but this time with a considerably broader reach as well as setting it considerably higher. A shade over £5K is a long way from beer budget, but then the Auditorium R25A is so consummately capable and confidently superior that you can forget more affordable alternatives; this baby shows many more ambitious and much more expensive speakers exactly how it should be done as well as unlocking a world of affordable system options – systems that are, in turn capable of remarkably consummate musical performance. Bargains don’t come much more elegantly packaged or musically compelling than this – and make no mistake, the latest Living Voice is a very serious bargain indeed. If you’ve got £5,000 to spend on speakers you need to hear these one. If you’ve got £10,000 to spend on speakers, you still need to hear these – the Auditorium R25A really is that good. 


Type: Two-way offset D’Appolito design, rear reflex loaded

Driver Complement: 1× Scanspeak 26mm soft-dome tweeter; 2× Scanspeak built, proprietary LV 170mm paper-cone bass/mid

Bandwidth: 35Hz–22.5kHz ±3dB

Sensitivity: 94dB

Impedance: 6 Ohms, non-reactive

Dimensions (W×H×D): 215 × 1170 × 270mm (incl. plinth)

Weight: 19kg ea.

Price: £5,100 per pair

Manufacturer: Living Voice
Long Eaton, Derbyshire, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 115 9733222


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