Low-Cost Wireless Internet Radio for Your Stereo/Home Theater System

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Low-Cost Wireless Internet Radio for Your Stereo/Home Theater System

As many music lovers/audiophiles have already learned, Internet Radio makes a great vehicle for discovering new music and/or expanding musical tastes and horizons. The only problem, however, is that it's not alway easy to add Internet Radio functionality to existing systems. More often than not, Internet Radio options are bundled as an embedded product feature in new A/V receivers or controller, or packaged in standalone tabletop units equipped with their own small speaker systems.

But what about an Internet Radio solution designed for individuals who already own high-quality stereo and/or home theater systems? It’s with just such prospective customers in mind that Myine offers its new Ira Wireless Internet Radio module ($149, including the main Internet Radio module, a remote control, an AC power pack, a Wi-Fi internet adapter, and basic audio cables).

Unlike many other Internet Radio solutions, Ira is designed so that it can be plugged into any existing stereo/home theater system—just like any other source component. Since Ira is (by design) a speaker-less module, it is considerably smaller than most tabletop Internet Radios and arguably easier to use, thanks to a bright, easy to read front panel display.

According to Myine, Ira “connects automatically to any wireless Internet network in about 3 minutes without the need of a computer.” Myine’s online data sheet points out three further need-to-know points regarding the Ira, as noted below. Ira offers,

  • “On Demand (Podcast) programming for many stations so you can listen to your favorite shows when you want,”
  • “A one-touch ‘star’ button to store up to 40 of your favorite stations,” and
  • “Is compatible with security keys and all major wireless Internet routers with a 3-minute first-time auto setup.”

For more information, visit: www.myine.com

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