Markaudio-Sota Tozzi Two standmount loudspeaker

Markaudio-Sota Tozzi Two
Markaudio-Sota Tozzi Two standmount loudspeaker

In a way, we’re criticising a remarkable point source loudspeaker with excellent imagery and detail, for not being a huge tower loudspeaker that does neither of those things well, but comes with a lot of slam and punch. A small single drive unit designed to be as unchallenged by convention and as light as it’s possible to get means some considerations need to be made. This is not an efficient loudspeaker, but in some respects that doesn’t matter because you will be using it up close. Until you don’t. If you use it to fill a large room with plenty of loud sound, you’ll regret the decision. OK, so it’s not fragile, but don’t expect it to sound particularly good when driven hard. Keep it to less than about 20 watts per channel, and don’t expect gut-churning bass in a barn, and you’ll be OK.

The Markaudio-Sota Tozzi Two is a ‘specific task’ loudspeaker, and it achieves that task perfectly. It’s not for headbangers. It’s the kind of loudspeaker you could use on a desktop for hours on end without any stress, and could even be used to play good sounds in a small to medium sized room brilliantly. Not a speaker for the everyman, but loads of fun!


Type: One way ported loudspeaker

Drive unit: 1x Alpair 5 all-range driver

Frequency Response: 90Hz-27kHz anechoic

Sensitivity: 84dB/W/m

Power handling: 15W nominal, 30W peak

Optional finishes: Rose Alloy, Grey peak

Dimensions (W×H×D): 20 × 20 × 12.6cm

Weight (each): 1.96kg

Price: £1,500 per pair

Manufactured by: Markaudio-Sota


Tel: +852 2605 2811

Distributed in the UK by: Dr Scott Lindgren

email: [email protected]

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