Meet Your Maker: Cardas Audio

Remembering a time when you could travel without a care, we went to Oregon to meet Beard and Shoes!

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Meet Your Maker: Cardas Audio

Cardas Audio is based in the coastal town of Bandon, Oregon. The town is well known for the annual Cranberry festival (their local harvest), its beaches, cheese, golf and rock formations... and one of the largest employers in this town; Cardas Audio.

Founded in 1987, in Ontario, CA, by George Cardas, the family garage becoming the laboratory, George enlisted the help of the family to ‘colour in logos and hammer the grommets into the packaging’ says Angela Cardas. With a career as a telephone engineer George was well versed in the challenges of analogue and digital transmissions through cables.

I visited in September 2019 following RMAF, the visit coincided with the Bandon Cranberry Festival.

Arriving at the company facilities I was faced with what appeared to be a small complex of unassuming buildings. Upon entering it became clear that there was a team of staff of around 15, beavering away in their areas fulfilling global orders as is the success of their business today.

The company has developed and expanded through their 32 year history. Today they offer a vast array of high-performance cables, accessories, connectors, music and IEMs.

Since the packaging no longer requires hand colouring, Angela Cardas has progressed and now oversees the company.

The company is not a stuffy formal company, the Cardas family encompasses those who work for them and their relatives. Some of the team have been in the company since its inception and even moved house when Cardas relocated.

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