Mellow Acoustics FrontRo floorstanding electrostatic loudspeaker

Mellow Acoustics FrontRo

The whole is much more than the sum of the parts here, and the sound quality is first class, especially when reproducing speech. This is a loudspeaker with a distinct focus on a sound that simply does the business, supplying good sound quality wherever one sits and outstanding quality if you listen in the sweet spot. And although it may seem quite costly given that small footprint, in fact in real terms it does actually offer rather good value for money.

Ultimately, this is a speaker for those who play music in rooms that don’t like loudspeakers! Electrostatics tend to thrive in large rooms, and the FrontRo is the exception. In small to mid-sized rooms where electrostatics usually struggle, the Mellow Acoustics FrontRo delivers a fine standard of performance, especially with speech. I’ve concentrated on vocals in part because the FrontRo shows how poor many loudspeakers are at reproducing the human voice, but it’s not simply designed for speech replay; a loudspeaker that gets the human voice right tends to get music right, and unless you are a fan of trouser-flapping, filling-loosening organ music or genres that include the word ‘dub’ played in barn-sized rooms, this is the antidote to rectangular wooden boxes and the limits they impose on sound.


Recommended amplifier power rating: 25 to 100 W

Frequency response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz

Input impedance: nominal 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 84 dB @ 1m for 2.83 VRMS

Maximum output: 98dB SPL from electrostatic unit for 14 VRMS (input protected)

Crossover frequency: 600 Hz, 1st-order, time-correct

Mains connection: 240 V, 4 mA

Overall dimensions (without feet): 762 mm (H) × 494 mm (W) × 291 mm (D)

Price: £9,500 per pair

Manufactured by: Mellow Acoustics


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