Monitor Audio Silver RX1 Loudspeaker (Playback 29)

Monitor Audio Silver RX1
Monitor Audio Silver RX1 Loudspeaker (Playback 29)

The Monitor Audio Silver Series RX1 loudspeakers come across like many in the seemingly endless parade of unassuming, though attractive, small box loudspeakers on the market. Because of this, the RX1s do almost nothing to prepare you for the sonic excellence that awaits you once they are installed.

"Almost nothing" may be a bit too strong. The British loudspeaker maker Monitor Audio enjoys a reputation for being one of the pioneers in the development of drivers whose diaphragms are made of metal (in order to exploit the light, stiff, responsive characteristics they afford). But perhaps more importantly, Monitor is also known for delivering value for money.

As we’ve noted before, Monitor has, by tradition, named most of its speaker families after precious metals, starting with the Bronze range and progressing upwards through the Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranges. Of these four families it would be fair to say that the Silver range is Monitor’s standard or basic product line—a line sophisticated enough to offer advanced technology, yet affordable. We’ve reviewed other models in the Silver Series line, and found them to be outstanding, so maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised when the baby models really worked. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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