Monster Cable Announces High-End “Miles Davis Tribute” In-Ear Headphones

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Monster Cable Announces High-End “Miles Davis Tribute” In-Ear Headphones

Monster Cable has announced that, working in conjunction with Miles Davis Properties, LLC, it has created and will soon release an individually numbered, limited edition set of “Miles Davis Tribute” high-performance in-ear headphones. The Miles Davis models are visually striking and are finished in a gold/brass finish that, according to a Monster press release, is “based on the actual trumpet played by the artist,” and that features “a Miles Davis silhouette and gold-etched signature on the earpiece.” Continuing the Davis theme, the headphones come equipped with what Monster terms an “attractive ‘kind of blue’ cord and uniquely designed “musical instrument” carry case” that features a plush blue velvet inlay with a gold printed signature.”

Although we can’t say for sure, photos of the Miles Davis Tribute models lead us to think the design of the headphones is derived, at least in part, from that of Monster’s upcoming top-of-the-line Turbine Pro headphones. Monster Cable founder Noel Lee says “our goal with these Miles Davis Tribute headphones was to literally elevate the personal music listening experience with a product capable of reproducing the many subtle shadings and dynamics of all types of music, including the unmistakable Miles sound, with a style and design that is the ‘essence of cool.’”

The Monster press release adds that the headphones come with multiple sizes of the firm’s new “high performance ‘SuperTip’ eartips that offer superior noise isolation, while improving the overall performance by preventing sound leakage.” According to Monster, “the key to the effectiveness of SuperTip eartips is a patent-pending engineered material that provides a secure custom seal to help eliminate unwanted noise.” What is more, the Miles Davis Tribute models are fitted with an “innovative cable management system features a convenient designed on-cable slider and clip that keeps weight off the headphones so they stay snug in the user’s ears.”

Apart from the excellence of the headphones themselves, part of the appeal of the Miles Davis Tribute models involves the extras they include. Monster states that purchasers of the headphones will “be able to enjoy free of charge the official 50th Anniversary boxed set of the artist’s seminal album Kind of Blue, featuring two music CDs, a DVD and a 24-page booklet.” The headphones also come with a remarkable guarantee, the terms of which provide “a one-time Limited Lifetime Replacement Guarantee with Miles Davis Tribute headphones—even if users accidentally break the headphones themselves, Monster will replace them once for no charge!”

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