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Moon Audio Black Dragon cable system

America’s Moon Audio is located in Cary, North Carolina in proximity to North Carolina’s famous research triangle. Living in and around the sophisticated vibes created by some of America’s top tier universities has rubbed off on Moon Audio’s diverse approach to high end audio. There are many ways you might have already run across Moon Audio’s expertise: a trusted retailer of top personal audio brands, perhaps, but probably most likely as a manufacturer of an entire portfolio of stereo and headphone cabling solutions. Since 2003 Moon Audio’s kingpin Drew Baird has set his company apart from the herd with dedication to sharing their extensive expertise and pushing customer audio experiences into a higher plane one individual at a time.

My recent experience with Moon Audio was established by reviewing a ‘full loom’ of their interconnects, power cords and stereo cables for use in my analogue based stereo chain. Consultation is a key aspect of the Moon Audio experience and given my current stable of humble gear (Clearaudio Maestro Ebony V2 cartridge, VPI Prime turntable, Fosgate Signature Phono Stage and Luxman LX-380, integrated for those interested), Drew personally recommended his Black Dragon line in order to complement the inviting tube driven sound my rig offers. Drew’s goal for this full loom review was to demonstrate what the Black Dragon cable line could do to enhance and focus a more tube-oriented audio experience. However, if you find yourself a digital buff or prize a different set of signature sonic attributes make no mistake that Moon Audio has you covered. Drew’s capable team has developed several lines of cabling solutions and can help you select between their Silver Dragon and Blue Dragon lineup depending on your preferences, goals and cabling budget.

In the cabling world Moon Audio is best known for the signature Silver Dragon line, but it would be a mistake to think of the Black Dragon series as a step down or perhaps second fiddle. The Black Dragon lineup was conceived specifically to fill repeated demand verbalised by returning Moon Audio customers for a slightly warmer presentation than could be achieved with the silver material-based Silver Dragon. The Black Dragon was born in essence to tread the tightrope of a finely detailed performance associated with Silver Dragon while adding a more inviting smoother presentation. The customised loom of Black Dragon cables Moon Audio prepared for my system included two sets of Black Dragon interconnects with RCA terminations, two sets of V1 bi-wire speaker cables with banana plugs and two V1 Black Dragon power cords. All the cables shipped to me were given a few hours of preliminary burn-in at the factory (Moon Audio recommends at least 40 hours of play before they can reach their full potential) and arrived to me neatly packaged and well-labeled.

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