Naim Audio Super Lumina interconnects and loudspeaker cables

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Naim Audio Super Lumina

It would be a shame if Super Lumina only played to the Naim crowd because the interconnect and speaker cables are great in their own right. Although it’s entirely understandable because they work so well in Classic, 500, and Statement products from the brand. Super Lumina is good enough that I ‘sat’ on this review for far too long because I was enjoying its performance so much. This is a cable many high-end brands would be only too happy to call their own. In fact, if they painted over the Naim label and charged twice as much, no one would bat an eyelid in sonic terms.

In short… E X  C   E   L     L      E     N        T        ! 

Price and contact details:

Super Lumina interconnect: From £1,925 (1m DIN-DIN)

Super Lumina loudspeaker cable: From £1,950 

(3m pair, 4mm plugs)

Manufactured by: Naim Audio


Tel: +44(0)1722 426600

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