NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Monitor Audio’s Silver RX-Series Loudspeakers

NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Monitor Audio’s Silver RX-Series Loudspeakers

At CEDIA Expo 2009, the British firm Monitor Audio debuted its next-generation range of performance and value-minded Silver series speakers, called the Silver RX family. Close inspection of the Silver RX models suggests, and conversations with the firm’s Technical Director Dean Hartley confirm, that the Silver models have now moved ever so close to equaling Monitor’s higher-priced Gold-series speakers in terms of technology. Specifically, the new Silver models now use a version of the Gold-series gold-anodized metal tweeter and rigid, dimpled-surface metal mid-bass drivers and woofers—technologies also borrowed from Monitor’s Gold-series speakers. The flagship of the new range is the Silver RX8 ($1750/pair).

Hartley explained to AVguide/Playback that the Silver RX models were made possible by the fact that he and his designers "spent two years tuning and refining our FEA (Finite Element Analysis) design tools" so that the tools' predicted results now track very closely with actual perceived sonic results. Where the FEA tools were at one point only partially useful, they have now been improved to a point where, said Hartley, they let us design a better, cheaper speaker faster than ever before, and without requiring a huge amount of trial and error prototyping." Watch for an upcoming review of the new Silver RX surround system in AVguide/Playback.

Further up the audio food chain, Monitor also revealed its new Platinum 200 hybrid ribbon/dynamic speakers ($8000/pair)—a downsized version of its very large flagship speaker, the Platinum 300.

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