NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Monster’s iTV 2000 A/V Distribution System

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NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Monster’s iTV 2000 A/V Distribution System

One great reason to attend CEDIA is to get an over-the-horizon view of new trends in home entertainment technology, and a clear-cut trend seen at CEDIA Expo 2009 involves the emergence of powerful yet easy-to-use components that will make distribution of A/V content throughout the home easier than ever before. A perfect case in point would be the Monster Cable iTV A/V distribution system, which debuted at CEDIA.

At the heart of the iTV system are two deceptively simple-looking components: Monster’s iTV 2000 module ($2000) and its little brother, the iTV1000 ($1000), both of which provide an eye-opening glimpse into the possible future of A/V source components. The iTV2000 module leverages technologies source from Digeo, and combines the functions of a three-tuner cable box with incredibly user-friendly onscreen HD cable menus, an up to 6TB digital video/audio recorder, a DLNA-compliant network A/V media player, an Ethernet-enabled, HD-capable network audio/video distribution system, and—believe it or not—a Monster cable power conditioner. Typically, the iTV2000 would be placed in your main viewing/listening room and would serve as the hub or control center of a whole home A/V system.

The smaller and less costly iTV1000 is essentially a scaled-back iTV2000 that foregoes the larger unit’s onboard A/V recorder and cable tuner functions (though it can, via network connections, draw upon those resources from the main iTV2000 unit located in a different room).

Interestingly, Monster has even simplified the networking aspect of the system, in that it does not necessarily require costly and complex in-wall CAT5 wiring. Instead, iTV systems can be connected via Monster’s ingenious new PowerNet modules (the marketing slogan for which is “Ethernet Anywhere”), which provide highly reliable, room-to-room Ethernet connectivity via home AC lines for as little as $99/room node. PowerNet connections are said to provide the speed and reliability of hard-wired connections, but at much lower cost and with the simplicity of wireless connections.

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