NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Pioneer’s Futuristic “Project Entertainment TAP”

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NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Pioneer’s Futuristic “Project Entertainment TAP”

2009 stands as a transitional year for Pioneer Electronics as the company redefines itself in the post-KURO plasma TV era. A major indicator of future directions the company will take came in the form of a demonstration of Pioneer’s futuristic “Project Entertainment TAP” (or E-TAP, for short) proof-of-concept product as shown at CEDIA Expo 2009.

What exactly is the E-TAP? Well, the deceptively compact component offers the combination of the world’s first Managed Copy-capable Blu-ray player (and, of course, a DVD and CD player), a Blu-ray disk burner, a 1 TB digital audio/video recorder and music server (with capabilities for connecting up to 120 outboard USB storage devices), a network media player with a suite of Internet-accessible content made available through Pioneer Internet partners, and a Control 4-certified home automation controller.

The E-TAP can even use iPod Touches, iPhones and Android phones, as well as certain Web-tablet handheld PCs, as associated remote control devices. The E-TAP, pricing for which has not yet been announced, is slated for production release in 2010. Does Project E-TAP give us a glimpse of the future for A/V source components? Only time will tell.

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