NEWS: Definitive to Announce Hyper-Thin Mythos XTR Speakers at CEDIA

NEWS: Definitive to Announce Hyper-Thin Mythos XTR Speakers at CEDIA

For several years now, slender, so-called “plasma speakers” have been a popular option for enthusiasts who own flat-panel TVs—and especially for those who chose to mount their TVs on the wall. The concept is simple: to build good-sounding L/C/R speakers whose dimensions and overall styling complement the looks of modern flat panel TVs. The only catch is that the working definition of what a “flat panel” speaker should be has become a moving target, largely because TVs themselves seem to become progressively thinner ear year. The problem, according to a press release from Owings Mill, MD-based Definitive Technology, is that “compared to these super slim TVs today’s ‘made for plasma’ speakers look fat and out of place.”

Seizing an opportunity to solve the problem, Definitive Technology has developed a radical new wall-mount, L/C/R speaker, called the Mythos XTR-50, that uses traditional piston-type drivers, yet that measures an astonishing 1.5-inches from front to back. How exactly did Definitive pull this off? We don’t know yet, but will learn more when we see and hear the Mythos XTR-50 at next week’s CEDIA Expo in Atlanta.

Definitive’s press release describes the Mythos XTR-50 as “a revolutionary new speaker a mere 1.5-inches thin that combines the thin profile of ‘panel’ speakers with the high definition detail and dynamic range performance of large dynamic systems…”

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