NEWS: Furutech Announces Audiophile-Grade USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cables

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NEWS: Furutech Announces Audiophile-Grade USB 2.0 and 3.0 Cables

Tokyo, Japan-based Furutech Co., Ltd. has announced the release of two new series of audiophile-grade USB cables: the GT2 USB 2.0 cable and the more highly specified GT3 USB 3.0 cables. According to a Furutech press release, both are “designed for enthusiasts with growing music collections on their computer hard drives.”

The Furutech release goes on to say that the company recognizes that “more and more people have amassed large collections of music on their computer hard disks, and there are an increasing number if USB-input DACs to serve them,” leading to growing interest in high-performance, computer/USB-driven music systems. Furutech believes those systems are potentially “capable of smooth and detailed sound,” but argues—not surprisingly—that “you need quality, well-engineered and built USB cables to get there.”

The GT2-series cables feature Furutech’s signature Alpha-process, silver-plated, OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) conductors sheathed in a “special-grade high-density polyethylene insulation/dielectric.” The main conductors are in turn surrounded by a three-layer shielding system. The cables provide a cable wrap that “includes damping and insulating materials keeping mechanical ringing from affecting the sound,” and terminated with “24k gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors said to improve grip and to keep “mechanical and electrical distortion at bay.” The higher specification GT3 cables are designed along similar lines to the GT2 cables, but provide a more elaborate five-layer shielding system.

 The Furutech release lists the following highlights for the GT2 USB cables:

  • Main conductor: Silver-plated (Alpha) OCC Conductors.
  • Main insulation/dielectric: Special-grade high-density polyethylene.
  •  3-layer shield construction for improved noise insulation.
  • Connectors: Furutech-engineered 24k gold-plated USB series connectors.
  • The best damping and insulation materials for improved frequency extension and tonal balance.

Three types of GT2 USB cables will be offered:

  • GT2 USB-A (Type0 A-A)
  • GT2 USB-B (Type A-B)
  • GT2 USB-mini B (Type A-mini-B)

Two types of GT3 USB cables will be offered:

  • GT3 USB-A (Type0 A-A)
  • GT3 USB-B (Type A-B)

Standard and special-order GT2 and GT3 cable lengths will be as listed, below:

  • Standard cable lengths: 0.6m (2ft), 1.2m (4ft), 1.8M (6ft), 3.6m (12ft), and 5.0m (16.5ft).
  • Special-order cable lengths: 7.0m (23ft) and 10.0m (33ft) by request.

Pricing and availability: Both GT2 and GT3 USB cables will become available in mid-September 2009. Prices for GT2 models will range form $80 (for .6m version) to $180 (for the 5m version).

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