NEWS: Klipsch Announces Image S4i In-Ear Headset

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Klipsch Image S4i
NEWS: Klipsch Announces Image S4i In-Ear Headset

Indianapolis, IN-based Klipsch Group Inc. today announced the release of its new Image S4i in-ear headset. According to a Klipsch press release, the S4i represents the desirable combination of a high-performance in-ear headphone with “Apple’s advanced three-button microphone and remote system” that “easily handles the voice and/or music control” of newer-generation Apple products.

The release continues by saying that the S4i has been designed to work “seamlessly with the iPhone 3GS, third generation iPod shuffle, second generation iPod touch, fourth generation iPod nano and the iPod classic 120GB.” Klipsch adds that the S4i is among the first products of its type to be “fully compatible with the Apple VoiceOver feature on the third generation iPod shuffle, which allows you to hear the name of the playlist, song or artist with just the press of a button.”

Klipsch is obviously quite proud of the S4i’s microphone/remote control implementation, point out that “unlike most headsets, the S4i positions its in-line microphone and remote at the yoke—where the two cables meet at chest level—to create a more natural feel when answering calls and controlling music.” Klipsch adds that the S4i features a “highly intelligible 360-degree (microphone) design,” meaning that users do not need to “talk down” into the mic, but rather can speak as they would during normal face-to-face conversations. According to Klipsch, the S4i microphone features “echo cancellation” to help block external noise.

Recognizing that in-ear headsets are apt to be put through rough-and-tumble use, Klipsch has taken special pains to make sure the S4i is not only sleek, but also sturdy. To this end, says the press release, “the company has added appropriate strain relief at every cable connection point to help prevent wire damage, while also putting them (the S4i’s) through extensive ‘real world’ testing.”

Perhaps best of all, the S4i’s come with Klipsch’s proprietary oval ear tips, which are said to “naturally fit the contours of the ear canals,” improving comfort, achieving an effortless air-tight seal, and helping to reduce background noise.” The release quotes Mark Blanchard, senior acoustic design engineer for Klipsch and inventor of the company's oval ear tips, as saying, “once you have the right fit and seal, these headsets are virtually impossible to feel.”

The S4i’s feature 8.5mm “moving coil micro-speaker(s) with controlled damping” and “dual neodymium magnet motor structures.” Priced at $99, the Image S4i will come with “a premium carrying pouch; small, medium and large ear tips; small/medium dual flange ear tips; an ear tip cleaning tool; and a clothing clip.”

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