NEWS: Mark Levinson Announces No. 500H-Series Amplifiers At CEDIA

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NEWS: Mark Levinson Announces No. 500H-Series Amplifiers At CEDIA

Elkhart, IN-based Mark Levinson announced a series of four new No. 500H-series amplifiers, which debuted at CEDIA Expo last week. The amplifiers, which collectively represent Levinson’s next-generation entry-level range, all share what a Levinson press release terms “a new balanced current feedback amplifier (CFA) circuitry design.”

Expanding on this point, the Levinson press release credits CFA with “unparalleled sensitivity and sound,” adding that, “CFA design uses a circuit topology that emphasizes current-mode operation, which is inherently much faster than more conventional voltage-mode operation.” Levinson further explains that, “with CFAs, amplifier gain may be controlled independently of bandwidth, a major advantage over conventional VFA topologies.”

Four new 500H amplifiers have been announced: the No. 531H (a 300-watt monoblock priced at $6500), the No. 532H (a 2 x 300-watt stereo power amplifier priced at $8000), the No. 533H (a 3 x 300-watt three-channel amplifier priced at $10,000), and the No. 535H (a 5 x 200-watt five-channel amplifier priced at $12,000).

The appearance of the No. 500H-series amplifiers is distinctive, with all models sporting thick, brushed, black anodized aluminum faceplates with recessed, bead-blasted, black anodized center sections. Chassis casework is also given a matching, brushed/black anodized finish. The overall “look and feel” of the amplifiers is pleasingly reminiscent of the appearance of some of the classic Levinson products of the late 1970s.

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