NEWS: MvixUSA Launches Ultio 1080p UPnP Home Theater Media Player

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MvixUSA Ultio 1080p UPnP Home Theater Media Player
NEWS: MvixUSA Launches Ultio 1080p UPnP Home Theater Media Player


 Chantilly, VA-based Mvix(USA), Inc. has announced the release of its new Ultio UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) 1080p Home Theater Media Player. According to a company press release the Ultio is a “hard-disk based media center capable of HD digital medial playback with video output as high as 1080p and supporting the largest array of AV formats and codecs ever supported by any media player.” Mvix points out that the Ultio not only plays Blu-ray quality video, but also allows users to store “hi-definition media on its internal hard drive, plug it (the Ultio) into a TV via HDMI and enjoy movies, digital music, and family photos on large LCD or plasma (sets).”

To provide examples of the Ultio’s versatility, the Mvix press release states that the media player “supports most 1080p HD video codecs and formats such as H.264, MKV, Divx HD, MOV, VC-1, FLV, etc.” Mvix adds that the Ultio “is also capable of playing unique formats such as AVC-HD (normally used in camcorder footage) or FLAC (the popular, uncompressed audio [format] craved by audiophiles.”

The Mvix release explains that the Ultio “is Internet-ready and pre-equipped with a network port and an optional Wireless-N capability.” Mvix says the Ultio also “sports a samba server and a UPnP implementation, allowing seamless integration with services like PlayOn®, or Tversity® (for streaming video content from Netflix®, Hulu®, CBS®, Youtube®, CNN®, ESPN®, and much more).”

Initially, two versions of the Ultio will be offered. A regular version (without a HDD) will be priced at $169, while a premium version (bundled with a 1 TB hard drive) will sell for $259. According to Mvix the Ultio began shipping as of the week of July 1st and is available through,,, B&H Photo, as well as through the MvixUSA store.

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