NEWS: Naim Audio Announces Versatile NaimUniti All-In-One Player

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NEWS: Naim Audio Announces Versatile NaimUniti All-In-One Player

The British firm Naim Audio today announced its new NaimUniti all-in-one player, which combines the functions of an “integrated amplifier, CD Player, FM tuner, internet radio, iPod dock, digital-to-analog converter, music file player and network stream player”—all within a single, slim chassis.

Digital Capabilities

Unlike some competing digital audio players, the NaimUniti can handle an unusually broad range of digital audio file formats including  “MP3, Windows Mediaâ, AAC, Apple® Lossless (from an iPod®), FLAC and WAV formats.”


The integrated amplifier section of the NaimUniti features 10 inputs and produces 50Wpc. Significantly the amplifier circuit topology of the NaimUniti is derived from that of the award-winning Naim Nait 5i integrated amp—a product regarded by many knowledgeable audiophiles as a best-in-class performer. While the NaimUniti obviously features many source functions of its own, Naim points out that the 10 additional inputs allow users “to hook up multiple digital sources such as media servers, set-top boxes, DVD players/recorders, satellite systems, gaming consoles, and more.”

iPod Connectivity

The NaimUniti supports iPod connectivity through what Naim describes as a “specially designed iPod ‘n-Link’ cable.” The cable is designed so that, once an iPod is connected, the NaimUniti takes control and displays the iPod’s contents on the Uniti’s front panel. The cable also charges the connected iPod.

User Interface

According to Naim, the Uniti’s user interface “finds iRadio stations without prompting, seamlessly connects to networks, automatically discovers shared audio files, and presents everything on its large front panel display.”


MSRP for the NaimUniti is $3750. MSP for the associated n-link cable is $150. Naim Audio products are distributed in the US by ASL Group:

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