NEWS: Paradigm Announces Next-Generation Signature V.3 Series Speakers

NEWS: Paradigm Announces Next-Generation Signature V.3 Series Speakers

At CEDIA 2009, Canadian speaker manufacturer Paradigm Electronics announced the impending release of its new top-of-the-line models—the Signature V.3 series. The range consists of four main models: two floorstanders (the Signature S8 and S6 V.3), a bookshelf model (the Signature S2 V.3), and a center channel (the Signature C3 V.3).

In addition to these models, Paradigm also updated its very closely related, but more compact, Signature S1 speaker family, which now consists of six models: two bookshelf speakers (the Signature S1-GPAL and S1-Beryllium), two center channel models (the Signature S1-GPAL and S1-Beryllium), and two surround speakers (the Signature ADP1-GPAL and ADP1-Beryllium).

What changes in the technology of the new Signature V.3 models? The biggest change involves development of a new “corrugated” woofer surround that allows V.3 bass and mid-bass drivers to produce an added 6dB of output. A Paradigm spokesman explained that, in the V.2 Signature models, the output of tweeter and midrange drivers had to be ‘throttled back” to accommodate output limitations of the V.2 bass drivers. With the new corrugated surrounds, however, bass driver output increases to more closely match the output capabilities of Paradigm’s Signature tweeter and midrange drivers—a change that is said to yield a much more dynamic and open sound.

Changes in the Signature S1 range also involve adoption of the new corrugated surround technology (typically with the bends in the surround facing inward rather than outward as in most of the larger Signature speakers). But next-generation S1 models also introduce a new option: namely, the ability to order the speakers either with GPAL (gold anodized pure aluminum) tweeters or with Beryllium tweeters (the Beryllium option adds roughly $200 per tweeter to the price).

Pricing for the new models is as follows:

  • S8 V.3, $3499/ea.
  • S6 V.3, $2599/ea.
  • S2 V.3, $1299/ea.
  • S1-GPAL, $599/ea.
  • S1-Be, $799/ea.
  • C1-GPAL, $1099/ea.
  • C1-Be, $1299/ea.
  • ADP1-GPAL, $999/ea.
  • ADP1-Be, $1399/ea.

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