NEWS: PSB’s Next-Generation Image Series Speakers to Debut at CEDIA

NEWS: PSB’s Next-Generation Image Series Speakers to Debut at CEDIA

The Canadian firm PSB Speakers has long followed the practice of updating or rolling out one major family of loudspeakers per year. Examples would include that advent of the firm’s top-tier Synchrony series speakers in 2007 and the inventive Imagine series speaker in 2008. For 2009, however, PSB will bring customers something very special in the form of its next-generation Image series speakers—a value-minded lineup that, by tradition, offers some of the greatest values in the entire PSB product range.

Now more than ever, the Image models may earn their reputation for terrific performance per dollars, since the next-gen models plainly incorporate features and technologies that have trickled down from the firm’s more costly Synchrony and Imagine models. In particular, the new Image models leverage driver design know-how pioneered for the Synergy models, and borrow (in somewhat modified form) the curved-cabinet industrial design language created for the Imagine models.

The Image series will consist of eight models: two floorstanding towers, two bookshelf monitors, two center channels, one bipole surround for side/surround applications, and one sub-compact monitor/surround speaker.

Image models feature 1-inch titanium tweeter with ferrofluid damping and neodymium motor magnets (design features inspired by Synchrony series drivers). The Images also feature 6-inch, 5-inch, and 4-inch long-excursion, high output woofer that feature injection molded, clay/mineral-filled polypropylene diaphragms said to provide optimal “stiffness, internal damping, and low mass.” The woofers use “magnetically neutral” baskets made of polycarbonate, plus bullet-shaped phase plugs (again, a feature borrowed from the Synchrony models).

PSB founder and chief designer Paul Barton says of his Image-series design effort that, “delivering high value has always been one of my passions,” adding “the Image series is my best achievement.” Next generation Image models are available now. Pricing and basic descriptions for next generation Image models are as given below:

  • Image T6, 3-way, 4-driver, floorstanding tower: $1199/pair
  • Image T5, 3-driver, floorstanding tower: $899/pair
  • Image B6, 2-way, 2-driver, bookshelf monitor: $499/pair
  • Image B5, 2-way, 2-driver, bookshelf monitor: $399/pair
  • Image B4, 2-way, sub-compact monitor/surround: $299/pair
  • Image C5, 3-driver, center channel: $375/each
  • Image C4, 3-driver, center channel: $275/each
  • Image S4, 2-way, 4-driver, bipolar surround:  $799/pair

Watch for a review of the next-gen Image speakers in an upcoming issue of Playback.

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