NEWS: Sennheiser’s Sound Tour Launches at Milwaukee’s Summerfest

NEWS: Sennheiser’s Sound Tour Launches at Milwaukee’s Summerfest

Old Lyme, CT-based Sennheiser USA hopes to introduce a new generation of music lovers to the sound quality of Sennheiser headphones through its Sound Tour program, which launched last week on July 2 at Milwaukee’s famous Summerfest, said to be the world’s largest music festival. According to a company press release, the objective of the promotional tour is to “put the company’s highly regarded headphones and headsets into the hands—and onto the heads—of thousands of music and technology fans, in a fun, light-hearted setting.”

 With this goal in mind, the Sound Tour is being framed as a contest that “sets two highly mobile, road-ready teams, one heading east, one west, on a mission: to put Sennheisers on as many heads as possible.” Interestingly, the contest also has an element of being a “battle-of-the-sexes,” since one Sennheiser team, comprised of six men heading to the west, will compete with another team, comprised of six women heading to the east. According to Sennheiser’s press release, “both expeditions will document themselves in sound, pictures, and video by way of ‘webisodes’ on a dedicated webpage,, which in turn will link to dedicated sites on social-media destinations Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.”

 What happens if you meet up with one of the Sennheiser teams on the road? Well, judging by photos just in from Summerfest, team members may well approach you wearing distinctive Sennheiser Sound Belts that are designed to serve as portable test stations that enable multiple listeners to sample the signature sounds of various Sennheiser headphones on display. The unique belts also allow Sennheiser team members to roam freely and engage listeners at will.  


Alternatively, you might find Sennheiser Sound Tour-mobiles (Sound Tour-labeled trucks and matching trailers) pulled up in the parking lots of favorite music venues near you. In any event, the Senneiser Sound Tour should offer thousands of listeners the opportunity to take a break and savor sweet sounds in the summertime.

For more information, or to check the Sound Tour teams' itineraries, visit:

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