NEWS: Sneak Preview—MartinLogan “T-Series” Surround System At CEDIA

NEWS: Sneak Preview—MartinLogan “T-Series” Surround System At CEDIA

Lawrence, KS-based MartinLogan gave attendees at the CEDIA Expo 2009 a sneak preview of a very special and unexpectedly affordable surround sound speaker system whose working title is the “T-series” system.

In its CEDIA sound room, MartinLogan wowed show attendees with demonstrations of its previously released flagship CLX electrostats (which sell for a substantial $22,699/pair), but what really blew minds was a small, not-yet-formally-named sat/sub system—called the “T-series” as a working title—that was being demoed in side-by-side comparison with the CLX’s. While the CLX’s, not surprisingly, ruled the day, what surprised listeners was the extent to which the little T-series surround system preserved much of the essential flavor and feel (though of course not all of the fine points or expansive scale) of the CLX—most impressive when you the consider that a T-series surround system costs less than a tenth the price of a stereo pair of CLX’s.

T-series satellites are small hybrid monitors combining Heil-type air motion transformer-type tweeters with high-quality piston-type mid-bass drivers. To complete the systems, customers can add any of several MartinLogan powered Dynamo-series subwoofers. Complete T-series surround systems are expected to start between $1600-$2000.

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