NEWS: Sumiko Announces Chordette GEM—Combo USB/Bluetooth DAC

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Sumiko Chordette GEM
NEWS: Sumiko Announces Chordette GEM—Combo USB/Bluetooth DAC

Berkeley, CA-based Sumiko, a distributor of high-performance audio and digital cinema components, today announced that it has been appointed the North American distributor for the Chordette GEM. According to a Sumiko press release the Chordette GEM is a versatile, multi-purpose component that can serve either as a traditional, wire-connected USB DAC, or as a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled receiver/DAC that can stream digital audio from mobile phones and portable media players. Either way, the Chordette GEM is said to provide “true high-end sound.”

Sumiko’s President, John Hunter, describes the Chordette GEM as a plug-and-play device, adding, “Just open the Bluetooth settings on your source device; in a few seconds the Chordette GEM will be recognized—just type in a password and begin streaming music.” What differentiates the GEM, says Hunter, is the fact that “the Chordette GEM transmits the pristine discrete digital signal of the music and employs a high-resolution DAC resulting in ultra high-fidelity sound.” Another plus, of course, is the fact that the GEM can be used both wirelessly in conjunction with Bluetooth-enabled phones or media players, or in a hard-wired configuration with USB connections to PCs and Macs. “We are extremely excited about the market potential of this product as it elegantly addresses several connectivity situations simultaneously,” said Hunter.

Interestingly, the Chordette GEM can receive digital audio streams from Apple’s iPhone 3g and 3GS and the 2nd-generation iPod Touch—capabilities made possible by Apple’s recent release 3.0 software. The Sumiko release adds that, “even the earliest generations of the iPod Nano, Classic, and Touch can be used with the GEM simply by adding a Bluetooth adapter (available separately).

The MSRP of the Chordette GEM is $799.  

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