NEWS: Wadia Digital Debuts the 151PowerDAC mini

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Wadia Digital 151 PowerDAC mini
NEWS: Wadia Digital Debuts the 151PowerDAC mini

Saline, MI-based Wadia Digital has announced the impending arrival of a companion product for the firm’s highly successful model 170iTransport—a product to be called the 151PowerDAC mini. As its name implies, the 151PowerDAC mini ($1195) combines the functions of a multi-input DAC with those of a stereo integrated amplifier (50Wpc @ 4 Ohms) packaged within a miniature (2” x 8” x 8”) chassis that, by design, is the same general size and shape as the chassis of the 170iTransport.

As many audio-savvy readers know, Wadia’s model 170iTransport was the very first iPod dock capable of bypassing the analog audio electronics of the iPod and of extracting pure digital audio data from the ubiquitous handheld music player—in essence turning the iPod into a compact, audiophile-grade music server. Now, with the advent of the 151PowerDAC mini, it will be possible to build a small but very high quality iPod-based music system, one that should be ideal for desktop audio applications.

For maximum flexibility, the 151PowerDAC mini features an array for four digital audio inputs: two SPDIF digital coaxial inputs, one options (Toslink) digital input, and one USB input, which Wadia says should make for “easy connection with most computers and digital sources.” According to a Wadia press release, the tiny DAC/amp will feature “an LED backlit display, volume control, mute, phase and input buttons on its face and an IR remote control.”

Like the 170iTransport, the 151PowerDAC mini will be offered in black and sliver finishes. The 151PowerDAC mini will become available through select high-end audio specialists in Fall 2009.    

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