NEWS: Yamaha Announces Powerful, Cost-Effective RX-V1065 A/V Receiver

Yamaha RX-V1065
NEWS: Yamaha Announces Powerful, Cost-Effective RX-V1065 A/V Receiver

Buena Park, CA-based Yamaha Electronics Corporation today announced its new RX-V1065 A/V receiver, a powerful new contender in the mid-priced AVR market segment. At first glance, the specifications of the RX-V1065, which is priced just under $1000, seem like those of a more expensive product.  The 7.2-channel RX-V1065 puts out 7 x 105Wpc, incorporates what Yamaha terms “a full complement of HD Audio codecs,” provides four HDMI inputs, includes 1080p video upscaling features, and offers “support for HD Radio, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, iPods and Bluetooth devices.” But from a user friendliness perspective, one of the receiver’s most appealing features may be a “newly-developed, easy-to-use on-screen GUI (graphical user interface).

According a company press release, and in keeping with recent Yamaha practice, the RX-V1065 provides “four pre-set SCENE buttons (‘BD/DVD,’ ‘TV,’ ‘CD’ and ‘Radio’),” whose purpose is to “instantly ready the entire system to deliver the desired entertainment experience by turning on the correct components and activating the proper inputs, audio and video features and surround mode combinations.” The release continues by saying, “The model’s new GUI on-screen display with eye-catching graphics, including component icons and album art, offers users a seamless means to access the content they wish to experience.”

By design the RX-V1065 is compatible both with Yamaha’s optional YDS-11 Universal Dock (for accessing iPod content) and with Yamaha’s optional YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver. The receiver is “Sirius/XM satellite radio ready,” requiring only an appropriate antenna kit and subscription plan to access either of the those content sources, while a “front panel USB port allows playback of audio files from hard drives and MP3 music players as well.”

Much like Yamaha’s more costly AVRs, the RX-V1065 incorporates the firm’s “Digital ToP-ART High Current Amplification technology with discrete amp configuration, Deep Color (30/36 bit technology, 120Hz/24Hz Refresh Rates and Auto Lip-Sync compensation, which eliminates audio/video sync issues.” The receiver incorporates a full battery of Yamaha’s familiar Cinema DSP 3D audio processing modes, plus the firm’s useful and very sophisticated YPAO (Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimization) automated room/speaker EQ system.  

The MSRP of the RX-V1065 is $999.95.  

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