Oppos Enhanced: NuForce BDP-93 NE & NXE Blu-ray/ Universal Players (TPV 106)

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Nuforce BDP-93 NE
Oppos Enhanced: NuForce BDP-93 NE & NXE Blu-ray/ Universal Players (TPV 106)

Occasionally a component comes along that resets the bar for what consumers can expect at a particular price. In the eight months since it’s release the $499 Oppo BDP-93 has become the de-facto standard for universal players. If it’s not cheaper with the same performance, or similarly priced with better performance, any new universal player is begging to be a non-starter.

For those who do want audio performance above and beyond the BDP-93, Oppo has the BDP-95 (click here to read The Perfect Vision review). In the conclusion to his TPV review, Editor Chris Martens notes, “The BDP-95 is by far the finest Blu-ray/universal disc player Oppo has yet produced. If you can afford one, then put the Oppo right at the top of your short list. If you can afford something more expensive, strongly consider buying the Oppo anyway. It’s that good.”

Given these two very attractive options, why would anyone bother to consider a third-party modification of an Oppo BDP-93? That question elbowed its way to the top of my mind as I began looking at the two modified Oppo BDP-93 players available from NuForce. Both NuForce versions replace the BDP-93’s stock analog board with a new one created by NuForce. Both upgrade boards claim to offer superior performance to the stock BDP-93. But how do they stack up against the Oppo BDP-95? Does NuForce really offer anything that isn’t already available on the Oppo BDP-95?


Overview: NuForce offers the BDP-93NE and BDP-93NEX either as fully finished players or as upgrade circuit boards that do-it-yourselfers can install in existing Oppo BDP-93 players.

Audio highlights: The $400 BDP-93NE board delivers eight channels of analog audio with advanced analog filters to reduce phase shift, onboard linear processing for regulated and filtered DC power for all the analog stages on the new board and elimination of the stock muting circuitry.

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