Outlaw Audio 7125 & 990 Multichannel Amp & Controller

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Outlaw Audio 7125,
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Outlaw Audio 7125 & 990 Multichannel Amp & Controller

With a sterling reputation for building terrific blue-plate audio/video receivers, Outlaw Audio has unleashed two new entries into the exclusive “separates” market: the $1099 Model 990 controller and the $999 Model 7125 amplifier. The objective at Outlaw Audio obviously remains the same—rock solid performance at fire sale prices.

The Model 990 is Outlaw’s 7.1-channel controller. The unit’s big-box profile won’t turn any heads, but at least it’s large for a good reason: The 990 provides eight channels worth of balanced XLR outputs estate but that can’t be beat for noise-free long cable runs. A wide assortment of Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound decoding formats are standard, as well as 24-bit/192kHz DACs for all channels. And analog enthusiasts will appreciate the phono stage. Additionally there’s DVI video switching that will pass HD bandwidth, DC triggers for powering on a projector or lowering a screen, and second-room audio connectivity with IR control. And all at the touch of a lighted remote control—actually two remotes, since a smaller second-zone remote is also included.

The 990’s speaker/bass management features include dual subwoofer outputs plus a quartet of user selectable crossover frequencies that operate independently for the front L/R main, center-channel, side surround, and back-surround speakers. A prosaic automated speaker setup program  (complete with microphone) is included and is best run in concert with the 990’s on-screen display (OSD).

The Model 7125 is a 125Wpc sevenchannel amplifier that, thanks to its beefy power supply and toroidal transformer, weighs in at a hernia-inducing 51 pounds. The 7125 can only accept single-ended RCA inputs from the 990, but enthusiasts who prefer amplifiers that can accept balanced inputs should perhaps consider Outlaw’s recently-introduced Model 7700, a fully balanced, 200Wpc seven-channel amp priced at $1999 (a five-channel version, called the Model 7500, is also available at $1499).

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