Peachtree Audio Design 5 Stand-Mount/Desktop Speaker (Playback 49)

Peachtree Audio Design 5 Stand-Mount/Desktop Speaker
Peachtree Audio Design 5 Stand-Mount/Desktop Speaker (Playback 49)

Peachtree Audio is part of a new wave among audio companies. These are companies that combine traditional audiophile sensibilities (a deep and detailed concern for accurate musical reproduction) with customer-centric values (with real thought given to how products will actually be used). In particular, Peachtree acknowledges that not everyone can devote a large and dedicated space to audio gear. As a result, Peachtree has delivered some pretty nifty small-but-high-performance products, with the iNova and iDecco amp/DACs being poster children for the genre.

Peachtree’s parent company has had so-called bookshelf or stand-mount speakers in its line for a while named ERA. Reflecting the success of the iDecco and iNova, Peachtree has brought these excellent speakers into the Peachtree lineup.
The design brief was to create small, high quality speakers with sufficient bass that they could be used without the semi-ubiquitous subwoofer. By doing so, the customer saves space and money (or for the same money gets higher quality main speakers). Peachtree commissioned Michael Kelly of Aerial Acoustics to design the drivers, while performing the system design in house.

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