Album review

Mozdzer Danielsson Fresco


Label: ACT
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Pianist Leszek Mozdzer plays to stadium sized crowds in his native Poland. Here he plays with Lars Danielsson on cello and bass, and percussionist/singer Zohar Fresco, a trio that has been together for ten years. Polska was apparently inspired by Polish traditional music including Chopin, albeit with a very grand finale in the form of an orchestral version of ‘Are You Experienced’, yes the Hendrix song. Mozdzer emulating the guitarist with a combination of piano, clattering celesta and synth alongside the Polish Symphony Orchestra, it sounds odd but it works, as do most of the numbers on Polska even if they are more conventional. 

At times, this band can sound like EST; Mozdzer does rhythmic grooves as well as Esbjorn could, which is no bad thing. At others he can make the piano shimmer while Fresco’s vocals add a dimension that is rare with jazz trios of any ilk. The recording is clean and solid without being clinical, the piano is mixed only slightly higher than the rhythm section and the whole sound is open and dynamic. Above all the band has range and an intuitive, fluid feel that makes you want to hear more. Next time they’re in town I’ll be there. 

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