ProAc K1 stand-mount loudspeaker

ProAC K1

The K1 has all the good things that a properly designed two-way stand-mount speaker should excel in. Intimacy, speed, transient attack and recovery alongside eloquence are significant assets. But the K1 goes those extra steps along the musical path by having a quiet cabinet and a tonal palette that opens up the more beautiful aspects of music. Mainly through that lovely midband that, as the days passed, grew and grew in warmth and focus. I found myself reaching for piano music more often than usual. Labyrinth by Khatia Bhuniatishvilli [Sony Classical] has been stirring my contemplative side for a few weeks now. It’s a lovely recording for sure, but her sense of timing has a poignancy and considered pace that draws you toward the beautiful phrasing and her touch sensitivity on the keys, which itself is epic. It’s at times like this that this ProAc proved its inherent musical nature to me with its delicacy and, of course, the restrained power of the piano under her artistic control. Late night music, at its best for when the air is still.

A very accomplished and beautifully balanced design, the K1 deserves consideration in a hotly-contested market. Ensure that the demo pair you audition are fully run-in and nicely loosened because when they are, they sit confidently on the musical groove and just let it happen because this is always the message that makes the most persuasive case. 


Type: Two-way stand mount loudspeaker

Drivers: 1 × 165mm Kevlar bass/mid driver, 1 × ProAc ribbon tweeter

Sensitivity: 90dB 

Frequency Response: 28Hz–30 kHz

Crossover: Dual-layer with oxygen-free copper cable split for bi-wired option

Recommended Amplifier Power: 10–150 W

Size: 569 × 210 × 401mm (H×W×D)

Weight: 16kg each (35.5lb)

Stands: Optional – 50 cm high

Finishes available: Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Oak and Silk White
Rosewood, Ebony, Tamo Ash and dark Eucalyptus at extra cost)

Price: £5,995 in standard colours

Stands: £995

Manufacturer: ProAc

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