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During my time with the DirectStream Memory Player I found it to be about 99.9% reliable, although it did exhibit a few command and control glitches when playing one or two DVD-Audio discs (e.g., Buena Vista Social Club [Nonesuch], where the Player had problems identifying track boundaries). Even so, the remote let me quickly sort our workarounds so that the disc could be played. However, with CDs, HDCDs, SACDs, DVDs, Blu-ray audio discs, and HRx discs the Player proved utterly trouble-free.

If you’ve bought into streaming source components in a big way, you may find PS Audio’s DirectStream Memory Player will force you—in the nicest, gentlest, and most rewarding way—to reconsider the sonic merits of disc-based music playback. Streaming sources can be very, very good, but in many cases and in many ways, the DirectStream Memory Player often proves to be that extra ‘Nth degree’ better, in the process helping music to sound more vivid, emotionally rich, and alive.


 Type: Solid-state universal disc player/transport with proprietary ‘Digital Lens’

Disc Types: CD, HDCD, SACD, DVD‑Audio, HRx, Blu-ray audio, and user-created CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R DL, and BD-R/RE. 

Digital Outputs: One AES/EBU output (via XLR connector). Supports front left/right channels only. Supports PCM outputs from 44.1–192 kHz. Supports DSD via DSD over PCM protocol to 2.8Mhz (PCM 176.4 kHz). Three coaxial S/PDIF outputs (via RCA jacks). Supports front, rear, and centre/sub channels. Supports PCM outpus from 44.1–192 kHz. Supports DSD via DSD over PCM protocol to 2.8Mhz (PCM 176.4 kHz). Three I2S outputs (via HDMI Type A connectors, but not HDMI compatible). Supports front, rear, and centre/sub channels. Supports PCM outputs from 44.1–192 kHZ
Direct DSD output to 2.8Mhz

Other Connectivity: One USB input (front panel, for playing content from USB thumb drives), Ethernet (via RJ-45 connector) for album art and metadata look-up

Support File Formats: AAC, FLAC, OGG, ALAC, M4A, OGM, AVI, M4V, WAV, DFF, MP3, WMA, DSF, MP4

Accessories: PS Audio demo disc, PS Audio HDMI/I2S cable

Dimensions (H×W×D): 10 × 43 × 36 mm

Weight: 19 kg (31 lbs.)

Price: £6,000

Manufacturer: PS Audio


UK Distributor: Signature Audio Systems

Tel: +44 (0) 7738 007776


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