Pure Audio Phono preamplifier

Pure Phono
Pure Audio Phono preamplifier

Pure Audio sounds like the sort of name that we all must have heard before, yet it turns out that this is only because it’s such an obvious brand name. The surprising thing is the name has never been used before. Pure Audio hails from New Zealand and has strong links to the only Kiwi company to have made much worldwide impression, Plinius. Both the founders of Pure Sound previously worked for Plinius: Gary Morrison as an electronics engineer and Ross Stevens as industrial designer. The latter was responsible for the curved chassis look that Plinius released in 2002 and has been copied by high-end brands across the world.

Pure Audio makes a small but distinctively formed range of amplifiers, consisting of a preamplifier, Class A monoblocks, and a phono stage. All share the lattice work case design that could well have been influenced by buildings like Ai Weiwei’s ‘Birds Nest’ at the Beijing Olympics. Pure Audio’s are formed from aluminium and stainless mesh, which is not just about looks, but actually contributes to low resonance and has very little ferrous content.

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