REL Carbon Special subwoofer

REL Acoustics Carbon Special

The result with the 802 D3s was too enjoyable to stay away from, especially when I started playing some vinyl. Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow (Epic) was superb with magnificent scale and a vibrant, live sound. My ancient copy of Led Zeppelin III (Atlantic) is usually a little on the thin side, but the REL filled in the gaps and made it richer and more full-bodied. It was at this point I realised I’d need a stomping mat if I wasn’t going to wear out the carpet. 

I was genuinely smitten with results achieved by the REL Carbon Special when partnered with the big B&Ws. If those were the only speaker I used, I would probably have to acquire one. Improving so much on midrange and treble coming from a large floor-standing speaker by using a subwoofer might look like cheating to many. It is not. If you already have a decent system, have some understanding about the harmonic behaviour of the frequency range, and are looking to get more fun out of your music collection, this is probably the least expensive and most comprehensive way to do it. 


Type: Front-firing, powered subwoofer with downward-facing, passive radiator-equipped enclosure

Driver complement: One 300mm carbon-fibre bass driver, one 300mm carbon-fibre flat cone passive radiator

Inputs: Hi-level speaker input with Neutrik Speakon connector, one low-level input (via RCA jack), one LFE input (via single RCA jack and XLR)

Outputs: Hi-level speaker output with Neutrik Speakon connector, two LFE outputs (via RCA jack and XLR)

Low frequency extension: 19Hz at -6dB

Amplifier power: 1000W RMS

Controls: Crossover (20Hz–120Hz), Gain, Phase (0 or 180 degrees), Power (on/off)

Dimensions (H×W×D): 445 × 430 × 539mm

Weight: 38.7kg

Finishes: Piano Black lacquer

Price: £3,299

Manufacturer: REL Acoustics, Ltd

Tel: +44(0) 1656 768777


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