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Rockna Wavelight

The Rockna Wavelight DAC/Preamplifier deserves its place in the sun. Costing just under £4,500 incl. VAT in the UK, it is reasonably priced for what it offers, and its design properties and sonic performance are both very respectable in their own right and when taken as a reflection of its cost. It is definitely one of the most ‘analogue’ sounding digital processors on the market at this time, with all the virtues of a true musical instrument and without most of the deficiencies of the overly digital sounding alternatives that are proving increasing common (and to my mind, unwelcome). As soon as the Wavelight NET server comes into play, the DAC and, in this setup also the Preamplifier, will be able to live autonomously and be self-serving while performing at their best into a power amplifier and a pair of speakers. As this will run under I2S, this will also have significant sonic benefits too. And that will most certainly give the Wavelight combination an ideal opportunity to shine through with all the potential built in them. In the meantime, however, the Rockna Wavelight DAC/Preamplifier is a most welcome newcomer in the arena of latest digital conversion solutions and a true high-end component of the kind. Happily recommended and very worth one’s consideration and a serious audition with your high-end audio retail consultant. 


Type: DAC/Preamplifier

Input options: S/PDIF (coaxial, optical), AES/EBU, USB, I2S, Analogue stereo line input (RCA)

Outputs: single-ended stereo (RCA), balanced stereo (XLR)

Resolution: 24bit 44.1–192k PCM, DSD64 (S/PDIF, AES/EBU), 24bit 44.1–176k PCM, DSD64 (Optical), 32bit 44.1–384k PCM, DSD64-512 (USB, I2S (LVDS))

Analogue Max Input: 5.8Vrms


S/N ratio (0 dB): 117dB

Dynamic range: 117dB

Output impedance: 50Ω (single-ended), 110Ω (balanced)

Output: 2.4Vrms (single-ended), 5.8Vrms (balanced)

Digital processing: Memory-based PLL (300fS jitter)

Custom filters: NOS, linear, minimum and hybrid phase, 8x

Filter type (advanced convolution): Parks-McClellan, 2.5k taps

Mathematical precision: 60bit

Stopband attenuation: -135dB

Passband ripple: 0.00003dB
Android//iOS Remote Control App
Firmware Upgradeable via USB/App 

Finish: Black or Silver Case 

Dimensions (W×D×H): 430 × 300 × 55 mm

Weight: 7.25kg

Price: £4,490

Manufacturer: Rockna


UK Distributor: Audiofreaks

Tel: +44(0)208 948 4153


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