Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice Precision Digital to Analog Converter

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Fedelice, by Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice Precision
Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice Precision Digital to Analog Converter

I like the combination of precision and weight that this DAC brings to the music, it seems entirely neutral but there are always decisions made about which parts to use in an analogue output stage. The difference here is that those decisions were made by people with experience in the recording side of music production, not, as is usually the case, by those trying to make the most of what comes out of the studios. That doesn’t necessarily give Rupert Neve Designs an advantage though, audiophiles are not necessarily interested in the unvarnished truth, we want transparency but not to the limitations in the recording. This is why there are some very smooth and rich sounding products on the market, a lot of people want an aesthetically appealing result when they play their favourite records, but embellishing digital sound for this purpose often gets in the way of the power and energy in the music. By virtue of its designer’s pedigree the Fidelice gets us pretty close to what the artist hears in the studio, this may not be as sweet as is found with many high end converters but it’s probably closer to genuine high fidelity than most. 


Type: Solid-state high-resolution PCM, and DSD-capable digital-to-analogue converter/preamplifier

Digital Inputs: One Coaxial, one Toslink, and one USB

Analogue Inputs: One stereo single-ended (via RCA jacks), one balanced (via XLR connectors)

Analogue Outputs: One stereo single-ended (via RCA jacks), one balanced (via XLR connectors). Both outputs are configurable for fixed or variable level operation

DAC Resolution/Supported Digital Formats: All PCM from 44.1KS/s to 384KS/s with word lengths up to 32-bit, DSD64 (2.8224MHz), DSD128 (5.6448MHz) and DSD 512 (22.4MHz)

Frequency Response: 5Hz–112kHz, ± 0.1dB (unbalanced RCA jacks) 

Distortion (THD + Noise): <0.0003%, 10Hz–22kHz (unbalanced RCA jacks) 

Output Voltage: not specified

Headphone output impedance: 0.02 Ohms (via 4-pin XLR connector), 0.01 Ohms (via 1/4inch unbalanced jack)

User Interface: front panel LEDs

Dimensions (H×W×D): 89 × 450 × 235mm

Weight: 5.5kg

Price: £4,749

Manufacturer: Fidelice, by Rupert Neve Designs


Tel: +44 (0)7860 153950 

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