Samsung, LG Web-On-TV Announcements

Samsung, LG Web-On-TV Announcements

Samsung, as indicated in an earlier blog post, is working with Yahoo on their widget approach to integrating the internet and television. One key to this is that these systems use the TV remote for navigation, not a keyboard. The other key is a semi-standardized user interface.

As you can see, the widgets normally appear at the bottom of the screen (similar to the way they appear in Windows). This Widget Gallery can be turned off. The sites and services that have widgets depend on the companies who've built them (this system doesn't allow surfing the whole web).

When you click on one of the widget buttons in the Gallery, it opens the widget on the left. Most of the widgets then display a list of content that can be placed in the big window on the right. Oddly, all the demos I saw, require another button press to make the main window into a tile that isn't partly covered by the widget. Samsung was unclear about the ability to stream internet content into the widget while leaving the main tile up as it original was (say with a TV show running).  These are early days for this technology.

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