Show Report: AXPONA 2014 - Analogue Audio

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Show Report: AXPONA 2014 - Analogue Audio

Normally Hi-Fi+ show reports are presented in prose form with illustrations, but for this section we will take more of an image-intensive ‘Postcards from…’ approach. Thus, this is not an exhaustive report, but rather presents an annotated ‘photo album’ of sorts that we hope will convey the general scope of the analogue audio products seen at the Axpona.  If you enjoy these images, by all means visit your local/regional dealers so that you can hear these products in action.

Analogue Audio Products

Acoustic Signature

Acoustic Signature was represented in several room, but perhaps the firm’s most significant new offering was the new WOW XL turntable ($2299 for the table, $2795 with a basic tonearm), which can be viewed as a significantly enhanced version of the firm’s original WOW entry-level ‘table.

But several of the Acoustic Signature models featured hybrid combinations of various upper-end Acoustic Signature turntables fitted with the brand new 12-inch version of the Funk Firm’s FXR tonearm. One of the most eye-catching iterations, then, featured a massive Acoustic Signature Thunder turntable equipped with the new longer-version FXR arm carrying a van den Hul Calibri cartridge.


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