Sony Previews Portable Playstation “PSP Go” System

Sony PSP Go
Sony Previews Portable Playstation “PSP Go” System

Sony’s official U.S. Playstation Web site is offering a preview of the firm’s newest portable Playstation (PSP) system, which is called the "PSP go." Billed as the “smallest and mightiest PSP system yet,” the PSP Go is slated to become available in Fall 2009.

Unlike current generation Sony PSP handhelds, which rely upon small optical discs to load games or movie content, the wireless PSP Go is designed to “download rich, immersive digital gaming or the best movies and TV shows saved directly to the ample 16GB hard drive.” According to Sony the PSP Go will be able to browse and access content available through the Playstation Network.

Highlights of the PSP Go include the following:

  • A smaller, lighter chassis than is used for current PSP-3000 models
  • A slide-down game controller panel that retracts behind the PSP go screen when not in use
  • 3.8-inch LCD screen
  • 16 GB flash memory
  • Support for 2GB and 4G Memory Stick Micro (M2)
  • Built-in Bluetooth support for wireless headphones
  • Skype support for talking with friends

A June 2, 2009 article in The New York Times reports that the PSP Go will be introduced in October of this year at a projected price of $249—or about $80 more than the price of the current PSP-3000 game system.  


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