Sony's Very Small Netbook with Advanced Features

Sony Vaio P
Sony's Very Small Netbook with Advanced Features

Sony entered the netbook fray at CES with an appealing product named Vaio P Series. Sony went for a smaller form factor than most of the products we've seen so far (and a very low weight of 1.4 lb.). I put my Acer Aspire test unit next to the Sony to give you a sense of scale:

If you look carefully, you'll see that the Sony is shorter front to back, because they omit the normal touch pad device. That may or may not be desirable depending on your preferences, but as you can see, the Sony is smaller than the Acer by quite a bit, and the Acer is small.

Fortunately, the Sony has an 8" screen, and what's even better is that the resolution is pretty high (1600 x 768). This is very helpful for navigating web sites.

I tried typing on the Sony, and it works almost as well as the Acer, which is completely usable if cramped a bit.  Sony also claims 4 hours battery life, which if they come close is very good.

Sony's 3G partner is Verizon. What interested me was that Verizon will offer not only unlimited use data plans, but also a "day pass" price for occasional use in the boondocks. The unit also comes with GPS service standard.

Pricing starts at $900 for a 60Gb hard drive model. Other models up to $1500 have solid-state drives (up to 120Gb). The Vaio P Series will be available later in January.

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