Soulution Audio 325 preamplifier and 311 stereo power amplifier

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The limits to this system are fairly small. Granted the 311 is not the 600W powerhouse of the 701, but I’d trade that power for being able to lift an amplifier and still have a working spinal column afterward. I’m not entirely convinced by the red LED readouts on the amps – they look a bit 1980s retro – and the wibbly-wobbly remote that is favoured by Soulution (and Nagra… perhaps it’s a Swiss thing) does nothing for me.

The first minutes with the Soulution 311/325 are key. It’s the lean in or lean back moment; if you lean in and are captivated by that sound, nothing else will do. If you lean back and think ‘no soul in the Soulution’, then everything the brand does will leave you wanting more. Personally, I think eight out of ten people will lean in. That famous Harry Lime speech from ‘The Third Man’ is wrong. There’s more to Swiss neutrality than the cuckoo clock, after all. There’s the Soulution Audio 311 and 325.


325 preamplifier

Type: solid-state line preamplifier with optional MC phono and DAC boards

Inputs: 2 ×balanced (XLR) pair, 
2 ×unbalanced (RCA) pair, optional 1 ×Phono MC (RCA) pair

Digital inputs: 1 ×AES/EBU, 1 ×SPDIF, 
1 × USB, 1 ×Network

Outputs: 1 ×balanced (XLR) pair, 
1 ×unbalanced (RCA) pair

Gain: -79dB to +10dB

Frequency response: 0–800kHz (-3dB)

THD+N: < 0.0001%

Signal-to-noise ratio: >120dB

Channel separation: >120dB

Peak output current: > 0.2A

Dimensions (W×H×D): 430 ×350 ×142 mm

Weight: 15kg

Price: from £8,000 (line only)

311 power amplifier

Type: Solid-state stereo power amplifier

Analogue inputs: 1×balanced (XLR) pair, 3.5mm jack (×2) remote LINK power

Outputs: 2 pair loudspeaker binding posts

Power output: 120 W @ 8 Ω, 240 W @ 4 Ω, 480 W @ 2 Ω (dynamic)

Gain: +26dB

Frequency response: 0–800kHz (-3dB)

THD+N: < 0.001%

Signal-to-noise ratio: >120dB

Channel separation: >110dB

Damping factor: >2,000

Dimensions (W×H×D): 430 x 490 ×142 mm

Weight: 30kg

Price: £12,500

Manufactured by: Soulution Audio


Distributed by: Select Audio


Tel: +44(0) 1900 601954

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