Swisstone (by Graham Audio) LS3 stand-mount loudspeaker

Graham Audio Swisstone LS3

In fact, the LS3 is perhaps a more modern and universal loudspeaker compared to the LS3/5 and LS3/5a. The bass response has a touch more depth to it (it’s still a 110mm bass driver though… not a chest-compressing dub reggae sound-system) and is capable of a lot more volume headroom. This doesn’t come with great increases in dynamic range (although the LS3/5a is a fair-to-good performer in its own right), more that it just increases the potential maximum volume levels for that dynamic range. In other words, it plays louder, not more dynamic.

Graham Audio thinks the Swisstone LS3 is a good first rung on the ladder that leads to the LS3/5 or LS3/5a, but that casts it as an impressionist, and that isn’t the whole story. In reality, the Swisstone LS3 is a fine speaker in its own right and is extremely well price positioned. I can’t help but think of it more as a tamed Linn Kan, with the added excitement, fun, and its impersonation of bass energy that loudspeaker turned in. It’s not as uneven as the Kan was, and that unevenness was the Kan’s best, and worst, aspect. But those wanting the entertainment of the Kan with the intrinsic honesty of the LS3/5a might just find the Swisstone LS3 is all the speaker they need. 


System: 2-way stand-mount loudspeaker

Enclosure: Thin Wall Damped construction

Drive Units: Bass/Midrange: 130mm Polypropylene built by Graham audio

HF: 19mm Dome Tweeter Seas

Recommended Amplifier power: 20–50watts unclipped program

Sensitivity: 83dB/2.83v/1m

Crossover Point: 3.5kHz

Maximum Output: 96dB for a pair at 2m

Nominal Impedance: 11 ohms

Response: 70Hz–20kHz +/-3dB

Connectors: Gold plated terminals

Dimensions: 30.4h ×16.5w ×19.5d (inc terminals)

Weight: 5 kg

Price: £999 per pair

Manufactured by: Graham Audio


Tel: +44(0)1626 361168

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