T + A (Theory + Application Elektroakustik) Debuts G1260 R Turntable

T + A Elektroakustik G1260 R
T + A (Theory + Application Elektroakustik) Debuts G1260 R Turntable

(Editorial note: The AVguide news desk has received numerous formal announcements of new products debuting at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, which was held this past weekend—October 15-17, 2010. Below we present the text of a release from the German firm T + A—pronounced, ahem, “T plus A”—announcing the firm’s new G1260R turntable, along with a  product image.).


 New T+A G1260 R Turntable

The new G 1260 R turntable from Germany’s Theory + Application Elektroakustic, or T+A, combines an elegant, modern design with superb sound and build quality to perfectly complement the company’s R-series electronics. As turntables are extremely sensitive mechanical playback systems, it was essential to reduce all external mechanical and electrical influences as much as humanly possible. T+A thus approached this development project from two directions: the first aiming to produce a totally constant, smooth-running drive motor, the second attempting to eliminate mechanical sound, resonance and vibration throughout the system.

Over the last few years T+A has amassed a tremendous wealth of experience in using DSPs to control complex processes, so the company’s engineers were able to optimize the G 1260 R’s motor coil voltage curve via DSP, addressing the problem of uneven motor running right at its root, while producing a motor which runs so completely evenly and smoothly that there is not even the slightest hint of jerkiness or vibration. In addition to eliminating motor vibrations as effectively as possible, T+A sought to bring the motor as close as possible to the turntable axle without having to mechanically decouple the motor and the turntable by means of springs or rubber bumpers to keep the drive belt short and realize a solid drive with no resonance. The high-quality synchronous motor is fitted with a precision-machined pulley, driving the heavy turntable platter by means of a special rubber belt.

In conventional systems, the motor speed is inevitably dependent upon mains frequency and voltage, but the T+A design eliminates this problem. The G 1260 R starts into motion smoothly and evenly, with controlled torque transfer. Motor speed fluctuations are completely immeasurable, and all problems associated with unregulated drive motors are completely eliminated. The DSP motor control also offers yet another major advantage: since the motor’s rotational speed is controlled directly, there is no need to change the belt position when selecting between the two available speeds (33 and 45 rpm).

The G 1260 R’s mechanical sophistication and case design are just as advanced as its electronic system, for they are also required to satisfy the most exacting requirements. Judder and vibration have an extremely serious adverse effect on a turntable’s sonic quality, and for this reason the G 1260 R is based on an extremely massive multi-layer MDF chassis for greater internal damping. The MDF material has excellent damping qualities, and the chassis encloses all the sub-assemblies, with four shock absorbing isolation feet supporting the main body. The external aluminum shell is comprised of a composite sandwich construction, which is highly effective at damping mechanical sound, while the aluminum cover is glued to the main body in order to suppress and absorb vibration and further eliminate resonance.

The pressure-cast aluminum platter is machined to extremely tight tolerances, and mounted on an aluminum inner plate for de-coupling purposes. The friction of the large support area perfectly de-couples the platter, eliminating all traces of mechanical sound. The platter is assembly produced to such extreme standards of precision that the latest, most accurate automatic CNC machinery is the only method of manufacture, not least because it is precision-turned a second time after the platter spindle has been pressure-fitted. The tolerances for the bronze plain bearing and the hardened and polished steel spindle are held to 5 μm. This final CNC process ensures the total accuracy of the whole system. A mat comprised of a thick layer of soft silicone rubber not only prevents damage to vinyl records, but also provides further damping of mechanical sound. The platter is acoustically dead, and thus provides the finest possible basis for the pick-up system to smoothly track the record.

The G 1260 R is supplied with a T+A-modified Rega RB300 tone arm. In addition to re-wiring the arm, T+A adds 1.25 grams of additional mass to tune the tone arm resonance to 11 hertz. The internally damped aluminum arm itself is produced in a single process using pressure-casting, while the counterweight is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The high specific density of stainless steel produces an extremely small but very heavy counterweight, minimizing the leverage forces acting upon the tone arm. Per request, T+A also supplies a G 1260 R-O, essentially the G 1260 R factory-fitted with the outstanding Ortofon 2M Bronze moving-magnet cartridge, also modified by T+A: the inner cavities of the pickup housing are filled with a highly-absorbing silicon mass to eliminate body resonance. 

A final option is the internal PH-G10 MM or MC phono preamp, housed in the MDF plinth where it ideally belongs - right at the tone arm output. This arrangement completely eliminates induced interference affecting the extremely sensitive output signals of the pickup system. Extremely low levels of background noise and interference are assured by the mains power supply section with its sophisticated stabilization measures, a unique circuit topology developed specifically for MM or MC cartridges, and extensive shielding

The G 1260 R is now shipping, and will be unveiled to the North American market during the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, where Dynaudio North America will present T+A for the first time in rooms 483 and 485 at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. Available in Silver or Black, the G 1260 R turntable retails for $3,250 with Rega tone arm, $3,600 with Rega tone arm and Ortofon Bronze MM Cartridge, or $4,300 with Rega, Ortofon and internal PH-G10 MM or MC phono board.


Principle: Belt-driven High-End disc mechanism mounted in special heavy chassis with structural sound absorber and resonance de-coupling measures.
Drive system: Quartz-controlled synchronous motor with accurate, DSP- controlled optimisation of the motor coil voltage curve.
Rotational speed: 33 1/3 und 45 rpm, electronically selected
Speed fluctuations: +/ - 0,02 %
Rumble: 82 dB Disc Platter Pressure-cast aluminium construction weighing 3.8 kg, with silicone rubber disc support mat.
Bearing technology: Hardened and polished steel spindle, close-tolerance bronze plain bearing
Cartridge (optional): MM system Ortofon 2M Bronze
Output voltage: 5,0 mV
Channel separation,1 kHz: 26 dB
Frequency range, -3dB: 20 Hz-29 kHz
Terminal impedance: 47 kOhm
Terminal capacitance: 150 - 300 pF
Stylus compliance: 22 µm / mN
Stylus tip form: r/R  8/40 µm
Stylus tracking force: 15 mN (1.5 g)
Pick-up weight: 7.2 g
Dimensions (H x W x D): Main Body 2.95” x 17.3” x 15.35”; 5.5” x 17.3” x 15.35” overall
Weight: 26.4 lbs

About T+A

Theory + Application Elektroakustik, or T+A, was founded in 1978, having since become one of the world’s most acclaimed high-end audio manufacturers. Today, the company produces a broad range of high performance audio components from source to loudspeaker. All T+A products are developed and designed in-house in Germany, including both loudspeakers and electronics. The company’s team of highly qualified physicists, engineers, and technicians are linked by a single common goal: achieving the best possible sound quality.  

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