First Listen: The Logitech Squeezebox Duet

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Logitech Squeezebox Duet
First Listen: The Logitech Squeezebox Duet

Some new devices are a pain to set up and then once you’re done leave you wondering if your time was well spent. That’s how I often feel about setting up a new PC: it takes a lot of work and afterward I’ll have pretty much what I started with, only in a little faster form. There are, however a few devices that take some effort to set up, but then give you give you results that make all the effort seem worthwhile. The iPhone is like that, and so is the Logitech Squeezebox Duet.

Part of the problem with some of today’s most interesting new devices is that they aren’t exactly like what we’ve had or used before. We lack a conceptual framework for understanding what the devices do or how they work—a framework that’s vital if we hope to use new products in a fluid, easy way. So, let’s start with some background on what the Logitech Squeezebox Duet is.

The Squeezebox Duet is designed to play computer and Internet-derived music through your stereo or home theater or whatever you use for music playback. If you have multiple music sources accessible via PC that you would like to play in another room (or rooms) through high quality speakers, the Squeezebox is for you.

Let’s look at some examples. Say you have songs on iTunes on your PC. If your PC is in the kitchen and your home theater is in the living room, Squeezebox allows you to play those iTunes files via your PC. As another example, you may like to use Pandora to create custom “radio “channels on your PC. You could create Pandora channels on your PC and then, via the Squeezebox Duet, play them through your stereo. And so on. Almost any music source you would normally listen to on your PC can now be played through your stereo. Even if you don’t listen to these sources now on your PC, you might like to use them via your stereo because these sources are great for background music and for parties.

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