The Beatles Mono Box Set at Abbey Road

The Beatles Mono Box Set at Abbey Road

I admit it, some elements of this job are inescapably on the “you lucky, lucky bastard!” side of things. So, when I got the last minute call to be at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios to sit and listen to the new Beatles Mono LP box set in the very room where many of those immortal tracks were recorded, I naturally jumped at the chance.

The first response from almost everyone I know was, “You lucky, lucky bastard!” All except the wife; instead, ice quickly formed on her upper slopes when she found out what I was doing that evening. Honestly, I don’t think I could have got a frostier reception if the night was destined to include martinis, hookers, and blackjack tables.

The event took place on September 4, 2014. The date is important, too. The event, staged in Studio 2 of Abbey Road, was strictly invite-only to 100 or so winners of an online competition in Mojo magazine, and a few liggers from the music business, and the audio world. Music writer and broadcaster Mark Ellen (far right) compared the event, peppered (pun intended) with anecdotes from (right to left) BBC producer Kevin Howlett, recording engineering legend Ken Scott (who was studio engineer for some of the later Beatles tracks), mastering expert Sean Magee (in the Ortofon T-Shirt) who worked on the new release, and Liam Watson of Toerag Studios, who puts the ‘mono’ into ‘monosylabic’.

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