The Gershman Sonogram Loudspeaker

Gershman Acoustics Sonogram
The Gershman Sonogram Loudspeaker

The one thing you can safely say about Gershman speakers is that they’re decidedly, obviously, gloriously distinctive. They don’t look like other speakers, they don’t adopt the same approach or technology as other speakers and that’s why they so often appeal to people who find those other speakers wanting. Whether it’s the tapered elegance and unusual driver disposition of the Gap 828 or the nested cabinet design of the Black Swan, one look at a Gershman and you know it’s not a “me too” product. Which made the Sonogram, the company’s new and more affordable model, something of a shock when I first saw it at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. A slightly squat, resolutely rectangular floorstander, it could only be described as – well – normal! But fear not, looks can be deceptive.

The first clue comes when you remove the grille, underneath which lurks a full three-way driver line-up, including a custom 205mm bass unit sporting Gershman’s trademark yellow cone. So that’s why the cabinet is wider than the fashionably slim frontal profile found on the competition. Next, you pick it up – or try to. The Sonogram weighs more than you expect it to – a lot more. Now, I know that Eli Gershman likes to put a lot of material into his speaker cabinets, but there’s definitely something different going on here, which isn’t obvious to the naked eye.

Sure enough, the internal construction is anything but conventional. It’s also impressively simple in concept, in a “Why didn’t I think of that?” sort of way. Take one look at the Gershman product range and you don’t have to be a genius to spot the theme; tapered cabinets designed for rigidity, low resonance and to reduce internal standing waves. The problem is that such complex cabinets are difficult and expensive to produce, a big no-no if you are designing a more affordable model. There again, so is losing all the qualities that make your established designs so popular…

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