The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: Lyra to Roon


Music First Audio Baby Reference V2

Reviewed in Issue 124

The passive preamplifier took on a new lease of life with Music First Audio, and the Baby Reference V2 is the brand’s top model. No active preamp sounds this transparent.

Reviewed by Jason Kennedy

Nagra HD DAC

Reviewed in Issue 122

This two-box DAC from the well-loved Swiss brand is one of the most important digital audio components of recent years, because it’s one of the least ‘digital’ sounding of all.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Naim Statement

Reviewed in Issue 130

This three-chassis amplifier showed the high-end what Naim Audio could do when unfettered by price constraints. The price was a shock, but so was the extraordinary ‘PRaT done right’ sound!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Neat Ultimatum XL6

Reviewed in Issue 165

Neat’s top stand-mount loudspeaker features forward and up-firing tweeters and an internal isobaric bass chamber, all of which makes a huge and rhythmic-sounding speaker larger than its size would suggest.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Nordost Odin 2

Reviewed in Issue 128

Nordost has been a popular choice at Hi-Fi+ since the beginning, but we were unprepared for the sonic game-raiser – in terms of speed and detail resolution – that is Odin 2.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Pass Labs XP-25

Reviewed in Issue 94

This two-box RIAA-only solid-state phono stage allows extreme flexibility in set-up and cartridge loading, which means if you put the effort in, you get an outstanding performance out of the XP-25.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

PMC fact.12

Reviewed in Issue 107

These elegant towers were the product of PMC and the National Physical Laboratory in London, creating a loudspeaker with innovative dispersion properties for a narrow baffle. The result sounds fantastic!

Reviewed by Jason Kennedy

Primare I35

Reviewed in Issue 163

The latest Primare platform is a highly modular amplifier system, but even as just an amplifier the I35 integrated is one of those products that you just love to enjoy!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

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