Triangle Esprit Australe EZ floorstanding loudspeaker

Triangle Esprit Australe EZ

The best part of the Triangle sound is its naturalness. This is forward, but not aggressively so. The next best part is the soundstage, which is precise and wide of the boxes. Then comes the detail, and that bouncy bass underpinning the liquid treble. After that comes the detail and dynamic range. In reverse order, there is only really the running out of steam when the music gets dynamic and large scale, and that seems a function of...

It’s time to snap you out of the post-hypnotic suggestion. Price isn’t an issue here until it is, in a good way. These loudspeakers don’t sound like they are a pair of £3,295 loudspeakers; they sound like a pair of far more high-end designs, just with the constraint upon that full-scale, full-range dynamism. And for most people with music, rooms, and systems that are not entirely perfect, they would rather have something they can love instead of something they have to endure until the next upgrade happens. The Triangle Australe EZ is that speaker that people can love because it makes music sound great. There are many speakers at double the price that offer more (regarding frequency extension) but at the same time less (regarding sheer enjoyment). That’s the clincher; these are speakers that bring the fun back!


Three-way ported loudspeaker

Drive Units: 2x tweeter, 1× 165mm midrange, 
3x 165mm woofer

Sensitivity: 92.5dB/W/m

Bandwidth: 29Hz–22kHz±3dB

Power handling: 150W

Repetitive Peak Power handling: 300W

Nominal impedance: eight ohms

Minimum impedance: 3.3 ohms

Crossover Points: 310Hz, 3.9kHz

Dimensions (W×H×D): 20 ×113 ×37cm

Weight: 38.8kg

Available in: piano white, piano black

Price: £3,295 per pair

Manufactured by: Triangle


Tel: +33(0)3 23 75 38 20 

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