Ultrasone “Zino” Portable Headphone Feature Ultra Low Emission Technology

Ultrasone Zino
 Ultrasone “Zino” Portable Headphone Feature Ultra Low Emission Technology

The German headphone specialist Ultrasone today announced its new Zino portable headphone ($129), which incorporates S-Logic and ULE technologies previously introduced in the firm’s high-end on-ear and over-the-ear headphones.

According to a company press release, Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic technology involves a method for decentralized driver placement, such that sound is not fired directly into the listener’s ear canal as in most headphones, but instead is directed “to the listener’s outer ear.” Ultrasone says this approach “not only gives the user a natural surround experience in a stereo headphone by utilizing the ear’s anatomy, but it also reduces sound pressure on the eardrums by an astonishing 40%.” The release goes on to say that ULE (or Ultra Low Emission) technology “features MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduces the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98%, as compared to conventional headphones.”

Ultrasone claims its new Zino is one of the world’s “safest & best sound portable headphones.” Technical highlights of the Zino, as listed in the press release, are as follows:

Zino Technical Specifications

Principle: Dynamic / Semi-Closed
Impedance: 35 Ohm
Driver size: 40mm Gold plated
Magnet: NdFeB
Frequency range: 25 – 25,000 Hz
SPL: 101dB
Weight (excl. cord): 84g
Cord length: 1,2m (OFC Cable)
3.5mm gold plated slim-plug

For more information visit: www.ultrasone.com

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